Red Tilapia

Farm-raised Red Tilapia by PezCo

Red tilapia is highly consumed in the United States due to the year-around availably and mild flavor perfect to experiment with a great variety of recipes. With a very low amount of fat and a high protein is the peferct fish to include in a healthy balanced diet.

Available in these presentations*

Premium Fresh Whole Red Tilapia (GGS)†: 0.75, 1, 11⁄4, 13⁄4 + lb.

† Gutted, either Gilled and/or Scaled.

*At PezCo, we offer BAP, ASC & HACCP Certified Nile Tilapia. All our products are FDA approved meeting the highest international quality standards to guarantee food safety.


Red (oreochromis spp) tilapia have been farmed for at least 4,500 years, and it is also known as tilapia spp and St. Peter’s fish because according to the legend, red tilapia was the fish Jesus served to the multitudes. Tilapia is one of the aquaculture’s most adaptive species. Found in tropical and sub-tropical waters worldwide, they can be grown in fresh or brackish water and thrive in ponds, tanks and cage systems.

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