Colombian Aquafarming

Why Aquafarming?

As the world population grows, so does the demand for fish. Fishing resources are finite and 86%* of marine fish stocks are
either fully exploited or overfished. The solution? Aquafarming.
About one in every two fish consumed worldwide is farm-raised. The faster the aquaculture industry grows, the greater its potential impact on the environment and local communities. And Pezco is here to assist in this grow.

*Economic Analysis of Supply and Demand for Food up to 2030 – Special Focus on Fish and Fishery products, 2014, FAO

PezCo is Part of The Answer … The Answer is Colombia.

Why Colombia?

  • Optimal geographical location: Free from hurricanes and typhoons and is close to the main consumption hubs.
  • Extensive water resources: Colombia ranks third in world water resources and produces more fresh water than India or the continental United States.
  • Lack of seasons: Weather and water temperature are fairly constant making production possible all year round.
  • Available lands: Aquaculture regions include an estimate area of 370,658 acres available for production.
  • Steady fish production growth: Colombia’s fish production has shown a steady growth over the last 10 years.

Sources: ProColombia, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Embassy of Colombia.


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