Our Legacy And Path Forward

We are a private company passionately committed to the production and commerce of Colombian farm-raised Tilapia, Rainbow Trout and Shrimp.

Family owned and operated by farmers with over 25 years of experience, responsibly managing export grade certified sustainable and highly efficient production systems; reservoir floating pens, land-based lakes and gravitational raceways; with production farms and processing locations in Antioquia, Atlántico, Huila and Valle del Cauca. Our commercial offices are located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our mission is to passionately commit to providing the world with delightful certified sustainable aqua-farmed products from Colombia that are responsibly and efficiently produced while making a difference in people’s health.

Our vision is to establish PezCo as the global ambassador of the Colombian aquafarming industry, recognized as the “Gold Standard” in scalable single country of origin; certified sustainable and responsibly produced wholesome seafood products; and to be renowned with the same level of reputation as Colombian coffee, flowers, and emeralds.

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Our Promise

We are confident to provide you with a competitive advantage. We delightfully make a difference through our promises to you.

As a farmer owned company, we offer…

  • Ample scalable supply; single country of origin; leading to program consistency.
  • The flexibility in new product development (NPD) to exceed the ever-evolving consumer needs.
  • A direct relationship without third-party involvement translating into greater support as farmers for you as a customer.

As a responsible and sustainable certified network of farms, we give you…

  • Peace of mind. Our production systems are certified by the highest international aquafarming standards as well as traceability through Chain of Custody (CoC).
  • Alignment with social responsibility. Your partnership with us improves the quality of life of operators and their families while caring for the environment.

As a US based commercial entity, we offer…

  • Category demand creation initiatives via staff education and marketing campaigns.
  • Reliable and expedient customer service to ensure your clients remain loyal and delighted.
  • Market intelligence continuously tracking and anticipating consumer behavior and trends.

As a lean yet robust integrated logistical network, we give you…

  • Name recognition. Quality and freshness guaranteed by a 72 hr maximum, as short as 32 hr, post-harvest delivery time.
  • Adaptable & assured delivery. We have partnered with a cold-chain infrastructure to efficiently reach all corners of the nation.

Delightfully Making a Difference…

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